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Starting Over, Life after a Felony Conviction


I am writing this blog to tell my story and educate those who have made an error in judgement and sought the help of our so call “Justice” System. I am also hoping to provide those who are in this same situation information that can help put their lives back together.

I am a victim of our Justice System. The system that has victimized the poor and wrongly convicted and

God Help Us All!

 lied to those who are unaware of their rights and the workings of Law. I was accused of domestic violence and obstruction of a law enforcement officer with violence.

Now before you judge, let me give you some back ground. I was living a very small town with a population of less than 10,000 people and was going through a nasty custody battle with my ex husband. I was an outsider in this town and he was a law enforcement officer and very well-connected. He was very angry that I was moving on with my life and was engaged to be married to someone else. The charges were brought by an officer who was a friend of the ex.

The night that I was arrested, my fiance and I had gotten into a very loud argument (I can get very loud when I am angry), and the neighbors called the police. When the police arrived the argument was already resolved and all was quiet. I told the officer that there was no problem and tried to explain what had happened.

That was not good enough. He wanted to come into my home and I refused to let him in without a search warrant. I felt he had no business there. He forced his way in by pushing the door open and pulling me to the ground and threatening me with a taser for crying. He handcuffed me so tightly that I have permanent nerve damage and severe pain daily. He dragged me to the police car and put me in the back.  Apparently this is considered Felony Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer with Violence.

The officer then went into the house and questioned my husband. He came out to the police car and said that he saw a scratch on my fiance and wanted to know what I did to him. I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me that if I didn’t tell him that I scratched my fiance that he was going to arrest the both of us and that Child Protective Services would come to take my children from me.  And so, this is Domestic Violence as defined under the Family Violence Act that is present in most states.

Now keep in mind that I am 4 feet 11 inches tall and 34 years old at the time. The officer was at least 5 feet 10 inches tall and in great shape and no older than 25. I had never been in trouble a day in my life. I was a Licensed Practical Nurse. I had served as a tutor and mentor to students in the college that I attended and had served as CFO for a major company in the town. And in one fail swoop of “justice”, I lost it all.

I spent 6 weeks in jail, lost physical custody of my youngest daughter, and with the help and guidance of a public defender was coerced into taking plea, even though my fiance had written letters to the District Attorney stating that nothing violent had happened and the public defender said that I did not have a case against the officer because it was an officer of the law’s word against mine and that if I did not take the plea that i would serve more jail time. I was also told that it would not affect my ability to get a job or affect my nursing license. HAHAHAHA. Was I a fool, because I lost it all!

Now, I am trying to put everything back together. I am going to take the things that I have learned about the system and use it to help those who are going through something similar and to educate those who have no clue what it is like to become a part of the criminal justice system.

I encourage my readers to comment about their experiences and share information that may be helpful to those shoe have been convicted of a felony. I want to uplift and educate. I am going to find and provide as many tips on how to obtain employment after a felony conviction, how to get back your self-esteem, and tell you what my struggles have been and where I am currently.

We need to band together and help each other. We need to petition our leaders about the corruption that is present in justice system and the trials and tribulations of trying to rehabilitate after a felony conviction with or without incarceration. We need to bring to light the abuses of prisoners, probationer, and paroles by those who have sworn to uphold the law.

Join me in my recovery and fight with the Injustice System!

  1. jessica
    November 14, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    hello i was convicted of theft of property felony at 18 i am 24 and have had so much trouble moving on after that i have went to a trade school and got a certificate and am currently going to school i was tring to drag out school and sorts for the seven years until i could get my recored expunged but guess what come to find ot north dakota does not do that … now ask anyone who knows me i am one of the most nicest, caring , hard working, fun, great person i made a mistake for stealing things from my job at kmart and giving them to my poor pregnant friend now it will be on my record for ever… i am doing a paper on this for school and i am going to use your story …. one thing i do know is that i can move to abother state and more then likely it doesnt show up a risk id have to take what to do???

  2. Jan
    February 4, 2015 at 3:19 am

    Is that really true that a felony doesn’t follow you from state to state? That sounds too good to be true.

    • January 29, 2018 at 10:27 pm

      The felony can follow you -depending on what type of background check an employer does, but many employers only do a local/state check. The larger the company the more likely to run a national check.

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